Website Banner Size: Which is The Most Effective Size? (2024)

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Nowadays, with the development of 4.0 technology and e-commerce, websites are created with many different usages. An indispensable part of helping the site operate effectively is the banner. Currently, banner ads are very popular and highly effective when advertising. This is also a form to help promote the brand of products and services widely.

Like a poster, the banner needs to attract viewers with fancy and trendy designs to catch the viral trend to create customer interest, direct customers to and learn about the product or service you want to advertise. However, another critical factor when you run ads on those websites is the size of those banners. It can be said that size is one of the most vital factors determining the number of impressions and the ability to reach the potential customers of the ad.

In today’s article, I will introduce you to the Website banner size. Let’s find out which size will help the ads bring back the highest profit.

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According to the definition on Wikipedia, “A web banner or banner ad is a form of advertising on the World Wide Web delivered by an ad server. This form of online advertising entails embedding an advertisement into a web page. It is intended to attract traffic to a website by linking to the website of the advertiser. In many cases, banners are delivered by a central ad server”. In other words, the website banner can be understood as the squares or spaces which have the slogan, logo, symbols, and messages placed on the eye-catching positions of a website. It helps attract visitors to click on the ad, from which viewers will be directed to the company’s main website to improve sales. Banner ads include an image or a multimedia object. Therefore, banner ads can be static or animated, depending on technology and user intent.

Currently, website banners include the following types of banners:

  • Square – 250 x 250

  • Small Square – 200 x 200

  • Banner – 468 x 60

  • Leaderboard – 728 x 90

  • Inline Rectangle – 300 x 250

  • Large Rectangle – 336 x 280

  • Skyscraper – 120 x 600

  • Wide Skyscraper – 160 x 600

  • Half-Page Ad – 300 x 600

  • Large Leaderboard – 970 x 90

The size of the display ad is developed for different purposes and use cases. The size of a banner ad can affect the way users see it. Although, in reality, the difference in size is not large, they can make a big difference in their interaction efficiency. Ultimately, your goal is not just for people to see your ad but also to click on the ad and then convert potential customers into customers. So the size of the ad will significantly affect the maximum reach of your campaign.

Banner ads are created to increase traffic to a website by linking to that website. Most banner ads are clickable and lead to increased brand awareness for the advertised website. The effects of banner ads can be mentioned as:

  • Increase brand awareness: You can develop your brand awareness by using this ad format so people can easily recognize your product or service. Brands like IBM, Apple, Target, or Nike use banner ads to grow their businesses through brand advertising.

  • Create a potential customer data list: Website banner is a great way to build your user database. Because through these ads, you can know which users are interested in your product or service, which users are not interested in, and which users even find out about your product later. Thanks to banner ads, brands can create a potential customer database.

  • Retargeting the brand: If someone visits your site but doesn’t sign up for your newsletter or doesn’t try your product, you can use banner ads to attract them again. Additionally, consider using a new website builder to attract and retain more visitors to your site.

  • Sell a product: Banner ads with appropriate content and placement will encourage customers to buy some products. To have effective sales, banner ads should be placed on a certain website-related to that segment and provide answers to the visitor’s questions.

  • Announcing discounts and sales: Another way for businesses to generate and increase revenue is through sales and discounts. And website banner is the optimal way to reach customers. It will notify your discount information to each customer who is using those websites.

So we can see that the website banner is really important for advertising products and your brand to customers. Your product will be more widely known by appearing regularly on the web and getting the attention of your brand’s users.

What are the most popular website banner sizes?

As mentioned above, there are many types of banners to run ads on websites. Because each sex website has its own specific requirements about the size to fit their interface, the banners also have many different sizes depending on the request. However, there are always other commonly used sizes that work well.

Most effective website banner sizes

Leaderboard (728 x 90 pixels)

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The leaderboard (728 x 90) is usually placed at the top of the website above the main content to attract users’ attention. This is a good choice to consider if you want your ad to be as popular as possible. Also, you can increase your sales when you get more inventory when using text and image ads. Google generally encourages the use of this banner ad size on forum sites.

Large Rectangle (336 x 280 pixels)

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Although this banner ad size does not help you gain as many impressions as the Leaderboard, it is still a popular choice for advertisers. The Large Rectangle is about the same size as an average rectangle. It is most effective when placed in textual content or placed at the end of a post. Because it is slightly larger than size 300 × 250, that means you will have more ad inventory.

Large Mobile Banner (320 x 100 pixels)

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This ad type is optimized for mobile devices. Although it has a small ad size, it should be used to maximize impressions and improve CTR on mobile devices.

Half Page Banner (300 x 600 pixels)

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Although the name is Half Page, the size of this banner ad does not cover half the website. Still, it’s the ad that takes up the most space compared to other sizes. Therefore it will also attract users’ eyes more than other ads. You need to create stunning images that will appeal to people and get them to click on your banner ad.

Medium Banner (300 x 250 pixels)

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This banner ad is the most compact and the most frequently used of all the size options. It doesn’t take up too much space on a website. It works well when it runs textual content or when placed at the end of an article. Due to its compact size, advertisers tend to like it because it’s convenient to display. Moreover, this is also a good option worth getting started with display advertising.

Other website banner sizes

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In addition to the common sizes mentioned above, other sizes of banners are also used to display ads depending on each specific purpose. Banner sizes are usually divided into 2 types: standard size and mobile size. Standard banner sizes include:

  • Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600 pixels)

  • Billboard (970 x 250 pixels)

  • Banner (468 x 60 pixels)

  • Half Banner (234 x 60 pixels)

  • Skyscraper (120 x 600 pixels)

  • Vertical Banner (120 × 240 pixels)

  • Portrait (300×1050 pixels)

  • Large Leaderboard (970 × 90 pixels)

  • Square (250 × 250 pixels)

  • Small Square (200 × 200 pixels)

  • Small Rectangle (180 × 150 pixels)

  • Button (125 × 125 pixels)

Mobile advertising has seen huge growth in recent years. The banners have also been resized to fit the advertising needs on the phone. Here are the different banner sizes that are suitable for mobile devices:

  • Mobile Leaderboard (320 × 50 pixels)

  • Mobile Full Page (320 × 320 pixels)

  • Square (250 × 250 pixels)

  • Small Square (200 × 200 pixels)

Google ad sizes, also known as Google banner ad sizes, are the different types of banner sizes used for the network of Google websites called AdSense. Google allows publishers to display a variety of different sized ads on their site. However, Google has also given direction to the ad sizes will bring a larger impression than other sizes.

As I mentioned earlier, there’s a clear selection of ads that publishers like and use the most. The 5 ad sizes we mentioned in the first section by far are the most popular, meaning they have the most inventory and the best clickthrough rate. According to Google, the most successful ad sizes tend to be wider and higher. Google has recommended the most effective web banner sizes, which are:

  • Large rectangle (336 x 280 pixels)

  • Medium rectangle (300 x 250 pixels)

  • Leaderboard (728 x 90 pixels)

  • Half-page (300 x 600 pixels)

Besides, I recommend manually searching for sites using AdSense in your niche and check to see which formats they are running. Specific industries will use certain ad sizes depending on their size and theme. This means that one industry may prefer to use a rectangle, while another industry that likes to use large skyscrapers is less popular. Understanding your industry and the ad sizes is essential if you want to get the most exposure from your campaign.


In summary, the size of banner websites is very important in attracting impressions for ads. Since then, it has made customers more interested in the company’s products. Currently, there are always common sizes that are used a lot and bring high profits. However, you should also know how to use it in combination with other banner sizes to create effective advertising according to the company’s goals and strategies. Hopefully, with the above reviews, you have understood correctly and fully about Website banner size and have options suitable for the company’s advertising campaigns.

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Website Banner Size: Which is The Most Effective Size? (9)
Website Banner Size: Which is The Most Effective Size? (2024)


What is the best banner size for a website? ›

Google says the top-performing web banner ad size is 300 x 250 pixels. Other popular ad sizes are 468 x 60, which was popularized during the age of low-resolution browsing, and 320 x 50, a popular choice for mobile devices.

What size is good for a banner? ›

For most personal or business events or outdoor advertising, the recommended banner size is 3' x 6' or 4' x 8'. The larger size allows your message and graphics to be seen from a distance. Effective banner text should be a minimum of 3” tall, which fits best on larger banner sizes.

What is the standard size for website banner image? ›

Most websites opt for a banner image size of 250px by 250px or a 1:1 aspect ratio. Vertical/sky scrapper banners are also popular at 160px by 600px. Banner images should be designed according to the dimensions required and compressed to a small image file size.

What is the best resolution for banners? ›

The best resolution for banner printing is 150 dpi at full print size. At this resolution, the graphics and text on your banners will look sharp and clear. Raising your dpi on raster images to 300 or 600 dpi won't improve clarity.

What image format is best for website banner? ›

PNG — Portable Network Graphics

In particular, PNG offers much better text readability than JPEG. This makes PNG a more popular choice for infographics, banners, screenshots, and other graphics that include both images and text.

Is there a standard size banner? ›

Typically, horizontal outdoor banners are around three feet by ten feet, while vertical ones tend to be closer to six feet by two feet.

What is a standard banner? ›

Standard banners are simple banners of gif, jpeg or flash. They usually include text with a visual such as a logo or a graphic.

What is the standard stage banner size? ›

A standard stage backdrop or band scrim is 6' x 6'. Events that are stationed at packed outdoor venues or large clubs may require extra large size banners in the proportion of 8' x 10', 10' x 12', or 15' x 12' to match the stage backdrop.

How do I choose a banner image for my website? ›

Designers take a lot of things into consideration, including colors, size, and arrangement before choosing what's called a "hero image." To find the right image for your website, use four factors to make your decision: the subject matter, the colors, the space available for your message, and how the photo will look ...

What is the banner of a website? ›

Banners are the creative rectangular ad that are shown along the top, side, or bottom of a website in hopes that it will drive traffic to the advertiser's proprietary site, generate awareness, and overall brand consideration. This type of visual banner-style online advertising is a form of display advertising.

What image format is best for banner printing? ›

The ideal file format choice for print is TIFF, followed closely by PNG.

How do I choose a good banner? ›

8 Design Tips to Create the Perfect Banner
  1. Know Your Purpose. ...
  2. Make the Banner Pop From Its Surroundings. ...
  3. Choose Colors Wisely. ...
  4. Use High-Quality Images. ...
  5. Make Text Readable From a Distance. ...
  6. Keep Text Concise. ...
  7. Make Sure Large Banners Have a Clear Focal Point. ...
  8. Use Quality Materials.
Mar 21, 2019

What is the best image size for Google site banner? ›

Make sure to use an image that's the correct size (1600x400 pixels). You can also choose to use one of the header images provided by Google. There are various options you can choose from: Work and School, Illustrations, Birthday, and more.

What size should a website banner image be mobile? ›

Mobile banner ad sizes may vary, but the most standard banner sizes are 320×480, 300×250 and 320×50 for smartphones and 728×90, 768×1024 and 300×600 mobile ad units for tablets. One of the most popular banner sizes is 320×50 mobile ad. Its success is due to its low price for advertisers.

What size is a 4x6 banner? ›

Vinyl Banners - 4' x 6' Vinyl Banner ( 48" x 72")

How is banner size measured? ›

The standard measurements for an outdoor horizontal vinyl banner are 3ft X 10ft, while indoor horizontal vinyl banners measure 6ft X 2ft. The standard measurements for outdoor vertical indoor vinyl banners ideally measure around 4ft X 10ft, but not less than 4ft X 6ft.

What is a standard size vertical banner? ›

Standard vertical outdoor vinyl banners should ideally be 4ft x 10ft and not lower than 4ft x 6ft. This size makes the banner easily seen by hundreds of people milling around on busy streets or driving by your location.

What is the size of 300x50 ad? ›

The 300×50 ad unit is an IAB Mobile standard ad unit with the dimensions of 300 pixels wide by 50 pixels tall. This ad size is known as a Mobile Banner or Smartphone Banner. It is the little brother of the 320×50, which is known as a Mobile Leaderboard. A 300×50 ad unit is most commonly used as an ad on mobile phones.

What is a good stage size? ›

Recommended Stage Sizes For Bands

Small stage: 8 feet x 8 feet, 2ft height. Medium stage: 8 feet x 12 feet, 3ft height. Large stage: 12 feet x 16 feet, 4ft height.

What is the best size banner for a band? ›

For a stage backdrop that you will set up behind your band, an 8'x8′ backdrop or an 8'x10′ can work well. These backdrops look fantastic on stage in tandem with the stage scrims, or alone. Medium sized clubs and small outdoor events – Consider an 8'x10′, 12'x15′, or a variation of these sizes.

What is the size of a senior banner? ›

The typical graduation banner will be around 2 ft. x 5.5 ft. If the graduating banner will be used in the actual school, banner size will usually be larger, ranging up to 12 ft. in length.

What makes a good banner picture? ›

Generally, the main thing to consider when selecting your banner background is contrast. You want your products to stand out enough for a viewer to clearly see them at a glance – or you want to catch the viewer's eye with beautiful imagery before they scroll on to the next section of the page.

What makes a good website banner? ›

Make sure your web banner is clear, easy to read or view, and bright, lively, and attention-grabbing. That means keep it simple with fonts, images, graphics, and color, especially if your banner is small.

What are the three types of web banner? ›

The three types of banner ads listed above and by far the most prevalent – Flash, animated GIF, and static banners dominate the online world.

What three things should be added to a website banner? ›

Additionally, you should consider three core contents of your banner advertisement:
  • Logo: Your own logo is essential when trying to increase brand awareness. ...
  • User promise: Your ad needs to communicate exactly what is on offer in just a split second. ...
  • Call to action: Your advertisement needs to be clearly interactive.
Jul 9, 2018

What is a good size for a birthday banner? ›

The most popular size for birthday banners is 6 ft. x 3 ft., which suits both indoor and outdoor parties. It's also important to consider how big the design and message you want to put. Check out this banner font size guide to help you get started.

How big is a 10x10 banner? ›

Banner Size in Feet: 10 ft High x 10 ft Long. Banner Size in Inches: 120 in High x 120 in Long.

How big is a 5x10 banner? ›

Banner Size in Feet: 5 ft High x 10 ft Long. Banner Size in Inches: 60 in High x 120 in Long.

How big is a 5x6 banner? ›

Vinyl Banners - 5' x 6' Vinyl Banner (60" x 72")

What resolution for 4x6 banner? ›

Desired Print Size and Image Dimension Requirements
Image Dimensions (Pixels)
Desired Print Size (Inches)4×6900 DPI
8×12450 DPI
12×18300 DPI
16×24225 DPI
6 more rows

How big is a 4x12 banner? ›

Banner Size in Feet: 4 ft High x 12 ft Long. Banner Size in Inches: 48 in High x 144 in Long.

How big is a 5x8 banner? ›

Vinyl Banners - 5' x 8' Vinyl Banner (60" x 96")

How do you calculate banner size? ›

1 Answer
  1. length = 0,2 miles × 1 609 m = 321,8 m. width = 27 feet × 0,305 m = 8,235 = 8,24 m.
  2. area = length × width = 6,3 m × 2,4 m = 15,12 m².
  3. a. 4,99 × 2 = R9,98 for 1 metre.

What is the size of a full width banner? ›

Full Width Images

These areas can be hero images, full screen slideshows, banner images. To ensure that your full width images look good across any device big or small the recommended size is 2400x1600px.

How big is a 4x10 banner? ›

Banner Size in Feet: 4 ft High x 10 ft Long. Banner Size in Inches: 48 in High x 120 in Long.

What size is a 20x10 banner? ›

Banner Size in Feet: 10 ft High x 20 ft Long. Banner Size in Inches: 120 in High x 240 in Long.


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